Experiences and Activities in Alentejo

Recantos Escondidos do Rio Ardila

The incomparable beauty of an unexplored river every curve, every weir of River Ardila is revealed. A lively river that gives us always accompanied decrease (eagles, buffs, turtles, carp, catfish, rabbits, hares).

Canoeing Vouchers

Give a memorable gift, an experience that will mark you ... Who receives the voucher can exchange it for one of the following experiences of canoeing:

Water Tubes

The fun and adrenaline of being pulled at high speed by a powerful boat in this activity reaches its peak.

Falconry Exhibitions for Groups

Mysterious figures on our imagination, birds of prey, are universal symbols for strength, rapidity and bravery. Their extraordinary visual acuity, agility and lightning reflexes, turn these bird’s flying...
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Horse and Wagon rides at Quinta dos Amarelos

Come experience a new sensation - Horse riding on the field with a guide - includes visit to the Roman ruins + water + juices +cakes and riding classes for children and wagon rides for the smaller ones.

Riches of Alentejo - The Asparagus

The use of what nature provides has always been common among people of Alentejo. In winter, asparagus, are one of the riches enjoyed by natives.

Riches of Alentejo - The Cranes

"Flocks of cranes in flight for their resting place is one of the most extraordinary things that can be seen in the Alentejo in the winter." In, avesdeportugal.info.

School Break

Program 1 - School Break - aimed at children between 5 and 18 years

Team Building - Activities for Companies

Group activities in the outdoor environment promoting team conflict situations which require careful management of interpersonal relationships.

Team Building - A day at Carmim (Cooperativa Agrícola Reguengos de Monsaraz)

Group activities in the outdoor environment promoting team conflict situations which require careful management of interpersonal relationships.

The Bachelor Party

A farewell to single life is an event that should be perpetuated in the memory of all those who share this moment. A selection of the best friends, the right spirit, the ideal location. The rest we will added.

Radical Day

Day for the implementation of radical activities in school.

Fin de semana en bicicleta en los mejores senderos de Portugal

It is about spending a weekend doing what you love: riding a bike! And here in Serpa, we have the best trails and roads to show you!
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Paintball Camp

Break! Paintball Camp, space for fun to hold with your friends. Brings together a group of 10 friends and come have fun playing paintball.

Blind Wine Tasting at Ervideira Cellar

In Ervideira winery tasting room you can see some bottles produced originally by Count D'Ervideira, in the nineteenth century and which are real pieces of Museum.

Visit to Ervideira Cellar with Wine Tasting

During this visit to the cellar we open the doors and present the "backstage" of Ervideira. You're invited to take a journey between vats and barrels, learning about the whole production process.

Christmas Parties for Companies

The smile and the joy of children when they hear the stories told by Father Christmas himself brings back to us the magic that Christmas had when we were little.

Restaurante Fialho

Have you ever eaten at the famous restaurant Fialho? No? Still on time! Come discover what is the true traditional cuisine of Alentejo. If you already have, it is time to go back!

Restaurante Tasca do Celso

Come to Tasca do Celso which is a reference in the Alentejo Gastronomy and never forget the experience.

Meeting History

A Walk through Monsaraz, with a guide in order to reveal the most beautiful corners of the medieval village.

Tesouros Escondidos pelas Terras do Grande Lago

Jeep tour through the vicinity of the Alqueva dam (Alqueva, Star, Monsaraz, São Pedro do Corval and Mourao), enjoying the spectacular scenery that the Alqueva waters provide.

By the Old Mills of the Guadiana

The discovery of the grand Southern River reveals a unique beauty, the simplicity of life in unspoilt territory, make this program a return to origins, to nature in its purest state.

Night Canoeing - Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve

Canoeing along the river Ardila is guaranteed to be a time of fun and discovery.

Canoeing - SUPERLUA

Stress, routine, schedules, are words that are not part of our vocabulary when we met in the river on a kayak.

Boat Ride - Alqueva with History

Take our cruises. Besides enjoying this beautiful landscape you will learn also the history of Lake Alqueva project, the natural and human heritage of the shores, a number of information that will be provided...

Boat Trip Alqueva de Honra

In the midst of the largest artificial lake built by the hand of man from the comfort of our floating room, taste the best regional products, including wines.

Paseos en el Lago de Alqueva al atardecer

The brightness of the dusk of the day ... the immense expanse of water that sparkles, ... the sound of the fish that rises from the water and dive back, ... the stork that floats in the air, the colorful...

Wakeboard baptism

Introductory course to Wakeboard. Rudiments of this activity that provides Fantastic MOMENTS of fun and adrenaline.

Waterski Baptism

Introductory course to Waterski. Rudiments of this activity that provides MOMENTS Fantastic fun and adrenaline.

Tombalobos Restaurante

To eat at Tombalobos is always a different experience. A traditional recipe with the touch of creativity of Jose Julio Vintém will provide you a renewed pleasure.

Cruise SAL in Salt Galleon - Dolphin Bay - Appetizer included - 35 to 80 people

The Bottlenose dolphins are the hallmarks of this Blue Bay, where there is a host community that continually search for fish and cuttlefish which are the basis of their food.

Cruises SAL in Galleon Sal - In Search of Dolphins - A Day in the Galleon Sal - EDUCATION - 45 to 80 people

SAL is now a reliable source to support the educational activity in study visits in Sado Estuary in search of serious environmental education.

Cruise SAL in Galleon Sal - Sado Estuary - 35 to 80 people

The Natural Reserve of Sado Estuary has high environmental importance, its unique characteristics of size, geographical orientation and natural conditions for reproduction and growth of many species.

Cruises in SAL in SAL Galleon - Golden Age - Navigators - Taste of Setúbal - A Privileged Region - 35 to 80 people

Spot the immense Sado Estuary with the Tróia Resort and Soltróia tourist developments, the Roman ruins, the boiler and its old oyster nursery, Setúbal and Palmela Castles on the horizon.

Cruise SAL in SAL Galleon - River Sado - Single

This is the opportunity for any single person, couple, family or small group of friends to participate with no minimum group problem or having to wait.

Cruises SAL in Hiate Riviera - Dolphin Bay - 60 to 80 people

This is one of the most beautiful bays in the world, where resists the only colony estuarine dolphins in Portugal.

Cruise SAL in Yacht Riviera - Navegadores - Sabor a Setúbal - Uma Região Priveligiada - 60 to 80 people

You see the immense Sado Estuary, with the Resort Trojan tourist developments and Soltróia, the Roman ruins, the boiler and its old nursery oysters, Setúbal with the Palmela Castle on the horizon and the...

SAL Cruises on the trawler Setúbal - Manhã com o Mestre - Um Dia na Traineira - Fantástico Pôr do Sol - 8 to 11 people

Live a different day and have the opportunity to hear unique stories accompanied by genuine gastronomic pleasures of fresh fish from Setubal.

Cruises SAL in Hiate Riviera - In Search of Dolphins - A Day in Hiate Riviera - 60 to 80 people

SAL is now a reliable source to support the educational activity in study visits in Sado Estuary in search of serious environmental education.

Cruises SAL in Lancha Salacia - Cut the Waves - In Search of Dolphins - Aldeia da Carrasqueira - Portinho Arrábida - 12 to 15 people

This is the navigation for lovers of speed, the splash in the face, the thrill of cutting the waves and the possibility to get to the beach, landing on the sand and access channels and crannies, looking for...

SkyDive Portugal

Created by lovers of the dream of flying, the SkyDive Portugal provides Tandem Jumps and Skydiving Courses.
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Serra de Grândola Wines

Award winning winery produces award winning wine.
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