Culture and Heritage Package in Casas de RomariaBrotas
Bordering the Ribatejo and just over an hour from Lisbon, the village of Brotas and Casas de Romaria are the place to make a well deserved rest in an enterprise that combines traditional architecture with furniture typical of the region, with all the comfort you could wish for.

We have at your disposal six fully equipped and independent Casas Confraria, of different typologies, recovered maintaining the original trait and decorated with the articles of a lifetime, and a house that functions as reception and house of support to the whole enterprise. The modern facilities include air conditioning and well-equipped kitchens. A tasty breakfast is served daily.

Package "Culture and heritage in Casas de Romaria"

The program includes:

- 2 nights accommodation at Casas de Romaria in Brotas

- 1 meal in the restaurant "Poço" in Brotas

- Walk through the Village with the "Confrades de Alma", visit to the church, pottery and tiles, glass of wine and snack at the end

Price: 200 € / 2 people

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