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Located in the historic centre of Avis village, Casa da Moira comes from the remodelling of a 17th century noble house. At the top of Avis medieval castle walls, you can enjoy an "endless" view of Alentejo which extends to Portalegre hills.

Characterized by a "happy-chic" style, Casa da Moira offers you relaxed and comfortable ambiances where warm fireplaces, reading corners and cosy lounges welcome the cold seasons. While fresh porches, sunny terraces and large shaded sofas reply to hot weather desires.

Sunsets and region's delicacies are part of ours day by day
The lifestyle at Casa da Moira is relaxing, cheerful and casual. We are committed to provide you the best of Alentejo. To provide you great moments and to ensure you take home a handful of good memories.

The well-being of Alentejo
Pleasent and "large in heart", the people from Alentejo welcome their visitors like no one else. For you, there is a huge diversity of typical delicacies: homemade sausages, Migas and Açordas (typical dishes based in bread, garlic, coriander and other local spices), Sopa de Cação (rich fish soup), Carne de Alguidar (pork typical dishes), Cozido de Grão (typical chickpea, vegetables and meats stew) ... There are fresh and alive wines. And smooth and intense wines. There are typical cheeses and desserts. There are stories, proverbs and traditions. There are songs and accordions.

Here, in a "happy chic" ambience, there is a reinvented Alentejo awaiting for you.

Fresh porches, sunny terraces and large shaded sofas reply to hot weather desires.While warm fireplaces, reading corners and cosy lounges welcome the cold seasons.

The lake of Maranhão Dam is beautiful, vast and very peaceful. The margins may be flat cultivation areas, intense forests or rocky cliffs.

On the air there are eagles, herons, and cormorants. On the water, we can see small fishes jumping. We love all this.

Maranhão is here and it's for us!

Our boat, "Casa da Moira I" ...
... is a large and modern raft that allows us to extend our good moments to the waters of Maranhão Dam. Now, you can have yoursunset on board. Or leave early in the morning to watch the hustle and bustle of the birds. Or, just stroll and relax to the sound of the water and refresh yourself in a swim.

Diverse Activities
Maranhão Lake: canoe rental (2 places), boat tours and water skiing
Air Balloon tours (subject to availability and weather conditions)
Cycling (free)
Equestrian activities (classes and tours)
Wine tourism: visits to local vineyards and wine cellars + wine tasting
Olive Oil tourism: oil mills visits + olive oil tasting

Cultural Activities
Avis Museum, Interpretive Center of Avis Order and Alentejo's rural Museum: free guided tour
Historical route: free guided tour to Avis historic centre monuments (ancient castle towers, cisterns, convent church, pillory)
Megalithic monuments from the Iron Age: Dolmen of Olival da Anta, Dolmen of Cumeada, Dolmen of Penedo da Moura and the Avis Order Megalithic Set (classified as National Monument).
Rates and reservations
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