Monte dos Cordeiros Vila Viçosa
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Monte dos Cordeiros is a rural tourism unit framed in a unique and exclusive environment rich in biodiversity.

The harmonious and restful setting of the property allows guests to enjoy the unique landscape, complemented by the swimming pool, boat trips in the 2 dams and walks on 4 thematic routes. Guests can also socialise while taking part in daily activities on the property.

This project began with the recovery of part of a traditional mountain located near the village of São Romão in the parish of Ciladas, municipality of Vila Viçosa, 6 km from the Alqueva dam and near the tourist centre of Juromenha. The excellent tourist experience on offer and the site's location and facilities led Monte dos Cordeiros to being named a project of municipal interest in March 2014.

Monte dos Cordeiros is host to buildings and agricultural facilities over an area of around 700 m2, in addition to a "hunting pavilion" with 200 m2 for events and where the honesty shop and honesty bar are located.

There are also facilities for various events and tourist activities. The reconstruction of Monte dos Cordeiros from ruins entailed the partial restoration of the house, with the creation of 3 rooms and the reconversion of an old agricultural building into 3 "T1 units", housing up to 3-4 people each.
The space was complemented with the creation of infrastructure and leisure facilities for various entertainment activities available to guests, as well as for tourists transiting through the area or staying at other establishments.

Tourist activities include boat tours, equestrian experiences, cycling and the promotion of traditional products.
Events such as weddings, christenings, company meetings and tastings have been held on the property in a stylish and comfortable setting.

Tourist Attractions in the area are based around 4 themes:
1. Cultural, religious and natural experiences in Vila Viçosa and Elvas, based on a set of tours and visits to monuments, architecture and so on.

2. Interactive pedagogical/educational experiences in thematic workshops where guests learn the secrets of how regional gastronomic, craft and cultural products are made, especially those related to olives and the property's organic olive grove. Participants can also simply enjoy magnificent traditional products by acquiring baskets of products or thematic baskets.

3. Natural rural-Alentejo experiences around everyday agricultural and environmental activities and hunting, where guests can enjoy the magnificent Alentejo landscape in all its biodiversity. Walking, cycling or pick-up tours, picnics and typical wagon rides where guests can admire local cows and pigs in their natural habitat.
The property also has a birdwatching tower to appreciate local fauna.

4. Experiences that combine the Alqueva lake with the landscape of the Alentejo plain on a boat.

Reservation with welcome catering
Selection of traditional products available
Selection of alternative food products available (e.g. Gluten- and sugar-free alternatives)
Sets of traditional products available for purchase
Breakfast buffet or served in personal suites
Meals on request, honesty bar, honesty shop
Bicycle tours
2 and 4-wheel motorbike tours
Pick up tours on the property
Possibility of using fields for hunting training
Organisation of events and use of the hunting lodge
Space for camping in tents with support services for events for up to 200-250 people
Use of a camera
Boat use
Fishing gear
Laundry service
Houses equipped with kitchenette with stove top, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, hair dryer, access code, heat recuperator, air conditioning, WiFi and TV.

Rates and reservations
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