Terra do Sempre, Grândola
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They left Cascais behind and a life with three kids, three private schools and hours spent in traffic. They moved away from friends and family and their tradicional lifes as an Architect and a Journalist. Together they built “Terra do Sempre”. A country house they bought eight years ago, in the Grandola mountains.

It´s a family owned eco resort located one hour away from Lisbon, 25 minutes from Carvalhal beach and Melides, under a starry sky in the Grandola region. The rooms tell the stories of Alice and Peter Pan, the cabinets are inspired by Tom Sawyer and Robin Wood and in the old barn they remember the love of Romeo and Juliet and The Arabian Nights. Here they are all happy ever after.

There is so much to do…from playing in the house and porches, exploring the property, swimming to following the sheep that roam free. They have a donkey that loves carrots and after every dinner it´s cinema time. Outside the house in the summer and inside during the winter.

Every other day there is a walk to Gertrudes farm where families can feed the animals. Goats, chicken, rabbit, ducks….(5 euros per kid). Here Gertrudes will tell you all about the animals and about the farms´work.

Near the farm there is Surf, Horseback ridding, yoga, cycling, birdwatching, a walk in the mines… They are also happy to recomend places to eat as a family and what to visit.

Everyday there is a boufet breakfast table and for lunch you only need to order after breakfast.

They offer tradicional dinners every weekend during low season and almost everyday during holidays. Just make your reservation in the morning. If you are looking for tradicional dishes, grilled foods and or the dish of the day just ask us!

Terra do Sempre is located in the mountains, only 25 minutes from Carvalhal, Aberta nova and Melides beaches, 30 minutes from Comporta beach and 40 minutes from Troia, St. André and Sines.

Let them plan your aniversary, your party, your wedding! They have a wedding planner to ensure your special day is perfect. They also organize birthday and surprise parties, family and friends parties or team building events. For more information please contact at bc.terradosempre@gmail.com

"Terra do Sempre is a place born from stories. We search in our memories for stories that make you dream and can take us back to our childhood. Stories that you will want to keep stored away in your memory treasure chest.
In each room there is a theme: “Alice in wonderland”, “Peter Pan”, “They lived happy ever after…”, “Romeu and Juliet”, “Arabian nights”, and two wood bungalows, where you will find “Robin Hood” and “Tom Sawyer”.

We have installed solar panels because non-green energy sources are only used as a last resource. Our water is heated by the sun and we like to save because the planet belongs to all of us.

There are no TV’s in the rooms because there are books, stories and time to tell them. There is time to look at the stars, swing in the hammocks and time to be happy…like in the old days!

We believe in magic! Hope you believe it to!"


In Old House you will find PETER PAN, ALICE and THEY LIVE HAPPY EVER AFTER bedrooms.
Three family bedrooms where you can dream with a adventures, two porches and a lot of peace.

The world of Romeu and Juliet and Arabian night dreams. One house, one porch, pool view and lots of stars. Two family rooms.

Two bungalows. Where Tom Sawyer and Robin hood live. Under the stars, one porch each, nature and countryside views.

Rates and reservations
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