It is believed that the city was founded around 400 years B.C., Celtics, a Celtic people that inhabited great part of the territory of Portugal to the south of the river Tagus.

With the Roman conquest, the city becomes part of the Roman Republic, to which it belonged for more than 600 years.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, for 300 years, it was part of the Visigothic Christian Hispania.

From the year of 714 (18th century) to the year 1162 (mid-12th century), for more than 400 years, it was under the possession of the Arabs, which changed its name to Baja or Beja.

Here was born the Al-Mutamid, famous king-poet who has dedicated many of his works to the love of maidens and young men as well. • +351 934 626 740
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