Santiago do Escoural
Later they added the name to him (of the Escoural), taking this idea of the excoriations of the ores, discovered in its surroundings.

It is protected by the Serra do Monfurado, with all the cluster of rare species on the way to extinction.

It has as patrimony the grotto with parietal art. From Neanderthal Man from the Middle Paleolithic (about 50,000 years) to the Late Neolithic (Homo Sapiens Sapiens), discovered in 1960, is unique in Europe.

In Escoural there is also the Interpretive Center of the Grotto, Mother Church, Anta of Our Lady of Livramento, Chapel of St. John the Baptist and St. Brissos, Convent of Our Lady of the Castle of the infernal pits of Monte Furado, Quinta da Torre do Carvalhal and Quinta of Our Lady of the Rosary. • +351 934 626 740
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