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Alquevatours is a family project founded and run by Humberto Nixon, a geographer and defender of the Alqueva. With the help of his team, Humberto offers tours and activities all year round by boat and on land, including Alqueva With History and On the Alqueva Lake with lunch in the village of Luz.


Alquevatours is a family project founded and run by Humberto Nixon, a geographer and defender of Alqueva since 1980 who has closely followed the evolution and multiple dimensions of this immense project.


The immensity of the lake, its flora and fauna, the history of the local people and places and the proximity to the charming town of Moura all made Humberto a firm believer in the value of the lake.

He launched his first boat in the dam in 2008, setting out on an adventure in a region where tourism activity was still in its infancy.


Today his passion for the area has only grown and is shared by an entire team.

Every day the discovery and exploration of a lake with 1160km of shoreline, supported by the Guadiana and its tributaries, are a source of inexhaustible inspiration for Alquevatours.


The tours offered include Alqueva With History; Lake, River and tributaries; Sunset with a Glass of Antão Vaz; and Accessible Alqueva. The company also offers boat rentals among its diverse range of experiences, programmes and services on offer every month of the year.



Bartolomeu Dias cap. 22 seats

Afonso D`Albuquerque cap. 21 seats

Salomão cap. 14 seats

Semi rigid cap. 7 seats

Great crested grebe cap. 5 seats

We intend to maintain proximity to customers, avoid the mass and maintain flexibility.

We have available 5 vessels:

Bartolomeu Dias - capacity 22 pax
Solomon - capacity 15 pax
In XXIII limit - 7 pax
Nortada - 7 pax (Sailing)
Sbass - 4 pax (for fishing)

with which we can offer you boat trips for 2 people to 50 people and open programs with the customer, meeting their best interests.

Some of our products:

River Cruises - always with an explanation given by our crew about anything that involves this great Alqueva project.

Ride Exclusive - For one or two people.

Taxi-River - Set a destination, we take you there.

Alqueva Affordable - Programs for people with reduced mobility.

Custom tours - With evidence of regional products on board.
With business / lunch the village nearest riverfront, etc.

Rental boats - sailing, motor and fishing bass.
Let us help you have unique experiences in Europe's largest lake created by the hand of man.
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