Alcácer do Sal
Alcácer do Sal is one of the oldest cities in Europe, founded before 1000 BC by the Phoenicians. Like the neighbors and also Phoenicians, Lisbon and Setubal, they supplied salt, salted fish, horses for export, and food for boats that traded tin with Cornwall.

Later, with the Visigothic invasion, it regained importance, being episcopal centre. Invaded by the Arabs, it took the name of Qasr Abu Danis, being, there, constructed one of the strongest fortresses of the Iberian Peninsula. The Vikings tried to plunder it but without success.

During Arab rule, it was the capital of the province of Al-Kassr. D. Afonso Henriques conquered it in 1158. It was reconquered by the Moors, only in the reign of D. Afonso II, and with the aid of a fleet of crusaders, the city was definitively conquered, becoming head of the Order of Santiago.

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