Herdade das Cortiçadas, Évora
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Here is produced wine of excellence and tradition, take place unique and fascinating events and visits and wine tasting are wonderful sensory experiences.

For us, all the details are important. Make the most of tradition with our touch of creativity and modernity. Come live unique moments ... and BE VERY HAPPY HERE!

On the way to São Sebastião da Giesteira, the eye flees to the impressive wine cellar at the top of the hill. At it's foot, the typical Alentejo monte and 240 hectares of vineyards and montado. We arrived!

Here, it seems that time has stood still, in the best sense.

The animals, houses, flowers and fruit trees and the sympathy of those who receive us thrill and take us back to the roots.

 The House of Malta was revitalized and continues to house the estate's seasonal workers and guests. It is a cozy and intimate space where you feel like staying ... and stay ... and listen to all the stories that these walls have to tell.

Further up, the cellar, looking across the estate. At its roof support structure is still in wood, and have also been maintained the old wine mills and distillery. The old cement deposits were also maintained, having been given a new and creative use as a laboratory.

You enter and feel ... feel it! These walls, these mills know well what they want: they want to create unique wines, carefully and unhurriedly, allowing the full expression of its terroir. The cellar holds, then the original design, having only been optimized (but not distorted) by modern technologies.

But the oil mill is now a beautiful museum wine tasting room.

The pond and the old tanks refreshing on hot summer days.

Around the monte, live the vineyard and montado. Wild rabbits, partridges and wild boars also walk around here ... and it's Alentejo to lose sight.

Our parents, Maria Teresa and Jorge, came to Alentejo 26 years ago, embracing the challenge of rehabilitating one sad and disabled Herdade das Cortiçadas. They were well received. They worked hard and gave back life and joy to this wonderful estate. They taught us to thank the Alentejo and to repay it for the warm welcome. They passed on to us the passion for the land and the art of making wine. Today, because Nature wanted we are now responsible for making the dream of our parents reality, that is our dream too.

Sofia is the wine expert and the best adegueira we could ask for, managing the estate and responsible for the cellar being hands on from the vineyard to the bottled wine.

Inês is the company's creative, idealizing from image to marketing and events.

We run together a small team, competent and dedicated. At the time of harvest we are more, many more. It is a joy!

We are passionate about what we do and try to do it better every day. And who knows, maybe one day our daughters will join us in this way ... Yes, we remain a family business with great pride! The road is hard, but it is turning out to be a wonderful trip!

Tell us your ideas and your dreams. We help you turn them into special moments, unique and absolutely unforgettable ... as envisioned!

For us, all the details are important. Make the most of tradition with our touch of creativity and modernity. Come live unique moments ... and BE VERY HAPPY HERE!

. Visit to the Farm and Wine Tasting

. Theme parties (for kids and adults)

. Weddings, baptisms, engagement parties, stag/hen parties​​... and so many other special moments in your life!

. Corporate Events and Teambuilding

. School visits. One day at the Estate.

. The vineyard to the wine - cellar man for a day (From Grape to Glass, in the English version)

. And many, many other ideas ... tell us yours!
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