Quinta do Quetzal
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Quinta do Quetzal is set in the heart of the Alentejo region on the rich slopes of Vidigueira. It is close to the oldest known Roman winery in Portugal and Spain. The microclimate and our hills make it the perfect location for a unique terroir. Here the grapes grow on soil rich in Schist, our local mineral stone. The area around Vidigueira is generally sunny and warm, but its positioning on the foothills of the Serra do Mendro gives plenty of cool winds that comes straight off the Atlantic ocean. These conditions lead to big variations in temperature, giving the grapes the heat to ripe and the cooling breezes to recover. The focus is on limited production of concentrated and top quality grapes in order to create a wine that expresses the character of the surroundings.

To complete the Quetzal experience a new building with a restaurant, shop and art center was opened. The building is partly covered with Schist. The building both stands out and fits into its surroundings seamlessly. The use of natural local flora completes the visitor’s experience of the natural habitat of the Alentejo.

Cees and Inge de Bruin are collectors and patrons of contemporary art. They, together with their family, have had a warm relationship with Portugal for more than 40 years. Through Quinta do Quetzal they hope to share their passion for Portuguese culture, nature, food and wine with others. Every year, in collaboration with their daughter, Aveline de Bruin, they create a new exhibition on the estate. Their own collection and connections in the art world will be a starting point for each exhibition.

Our modern wine cellar preserves ancient traditions and techniques used by the Romans and the people of the Alentejo region to produce wine. The grapes are brought into the wine cellar through the pure, natural force of gravity, and transformed into excellent wines in our underground cellars, which provide a naturally cool environment in which the grapes can age gradually.

All Quinta do Quetzal wines are produced exclusively with grapes grown on the property, which has 49 hectares of vines, of which 1.5 hectares are made up of old vines.

The name ‘quetzal’, given to this collection of wines, was inherited from the project and the property on which they are produced. The name represents the wines’ origins and their unique nature; they are cultivated from the grapes grown on the richest land at the Quinta do Quetzal, producing grapes at the highest altitudes. These wines are complex and elegant, thanks to a strict selection of castes and careful ageing in barrels. They express the artistic approach we have to life here at the Quinta.

Quetzal Art Centre, a contemporary art exhibition space of 450 m², is situated in a historically rich region in the Alentejo (Portugal), far away from the busy art world. The programme is intended to appeal to both a specialist audience and a broader, curious public. It is driven by a desire to test art’s purpose outside the traditional market place. Quetzal Art Centre exhibits diverse works by established international artists, or those from the recent past who have somehow escaped our attention, and enables them to have a dialogue with a younger generation of artists.

The founders of Quinta do Quetzal are the Dutch couple Cees and Inge de Bruin. They have been contemporary art collectors and patrons of culture for more than four decades.

Aveline de Bruin, their daughter, curates the exhibitions at the Quetzal Art Centre. The family collection, where she works as a curator, is the starting point for each exhibition. Aveline de Bruin: ‘I love my mother’s quote that collecting is like picking flowers in a field, and so my job is to arrange them together.’

Come and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the Quetzal restaurant and savour flavours inspired by traditional food from the Alentejo. The key element of the dishes is locally grown, seasonal produce that has real flavour; always accompanied by Quinta do Quetzal wines. The restaurant boasts stunning views over the property’s vast grounds, where you’ll feel like you can almost reach out and touch the vegetable patch and vines. And for an extra special touch, immerse yourself in our especially designed garden filled with local flora, aromatic herbs and flowers, which are all used to create the dishes we serve.
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